Secrets to Getting Better at Pole Dancing

  1. Modify Your Perception
    Many times, it is our thinking that prevents us from achieving success. If we believe we cannot accomplish it, or that it is too difficult, our bodies will not execute. “Where the mind goes, the body will follow,” stated a great actor, and this is so true! If you picture yourself as a pole dancer, your actions will reflect that vision.

Instead of telling yourself that the moves are too difficult or intricate, or that you aren’t strong or flexible enough, tell yourself that you can do it! It’s complicated, yet it can be studied. Not yet strong or flexible enough, but working on it.

Changing our thinking is already half the battle. When we overcome our discouragements and disappointments, they will be nothing more than lessons that we will learn and apply to grow better at our craft.

  1. Improve your posture and form
    You must be aware of how you hold yourself in order to glide beautifully and easily on the pole. Always pay attention to how you sit and stand to keep your bones and muscles in good shape.

Body awareness is vital if you want to be physically prepared for training. If you are conscious of your posture, you may ensure that you are always in the proper position.

Improved form and posture will benefit you in the long run because it not only improves your pole fit but also improves blood flow, prevents aches and pains, avoids injuries, and improves your overall well-being.

  1. Take Care of Your Body
    Pole dancing, like any other sport, is a physically demanding activity. You do not enter athletics without first preparing, just like any other athlete. Baseball and basketball players jog and sprint around the field, perform calisthenic exercises, and even work out at the gym in addition to playing ball and batting around.

They engage in all of these things to keep themselves in peak condition. Their training regimen boosts their performance by conditioning all of their muscle groups and systems.

Building upper body strength is insufficient for pole dancers. You must strengthen your lower body strength as well as your cardio endurance. When your body is in good shape, you can perform to your full potential.

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  1. Warm-up and stretching
    A decent stretch and warm-up are required before you begin dancing on the pole. Stretching helps to release tendons and muscles, making you more flexible during your workout. Increased blood flow to your muscles will also prepare them for your workout.

Your muscle temperature and heart rate will progressively rise as you perform these pre-training activities. The gradual increase reduces stress on your heart and body, giving them time to acclimate to your active state and avoiding aches and pains midway during training.

  1. Keep Track of Your Progress
    Many professionals recommend that you videotape your sessions, whether you practice pole dancing at home or in the studio. If you have videos of your performance, you can watch them after you dance on the pole to see where you can improve.

You can utilize your recordings to examine how you perform different positions, what improvements need to be made, and to visualize your motions even if you don’t have a mirror.

Documentation will also allow you to check how far you’ve progressed! If you’re feeling courageous, publish your videos on social media. This makes it simpler to compare where you were a year ago to where you are now.

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  1. Attend Regular Classes
    We must practice whatever physical exercise we learn on a regular basis. Similar to driving, if you do not practice, you will not improve your skills. Remember that practicing isn’t enough; if you’re learning a move, you must do it correctly.

That is why you should be present in your pole dancing lesson at all times. Attend it on a regular basis so that you can develop a habit and muscle memory. If you’re with a trainer, they may keep an eye on your movements and coach you accordingly.

A steady training plan will help you enhance your pole dancing talents and get to the top of your game faster.

  1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
    When it comes to learning, don’t limit yourself to classrooms. There are numerous things you can explore outside of the guided courses in which you are enrolled. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals from your teaching group, you should try it on your own.

The only way to become proficient at a task is to perform it correctly over and over again. Professionals, teachers, and experts in any discipline have accumulated hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of practice.

And, while it may be difficult at first, we must overcome ourselves in order to be the best pole dancer we can be.

  1. Don’t Forget About Recovery
    Don’t forget to rest your body after a rigorous pole dancing practice. Take care of yourself! Visit a spa, have a massage, and eat your favorite meal. While it is important to practice your skill, you should also take time to relax and decompress.

Don’t get tired of what you’re doing. Take a comprehensive approach to caring for your physical and emotional health. Allow your muscles to recover before resuming use of the pole. Allow your heart to slow and steady for a day or two before getting it pumping again while high up the pole.

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  1. Alternate Sides
    Everyone has a preferred side of the body, but whether you are a lefty or a righty, you should learn to dance on your non-dominant side. This allows you to gain strength while also providing you more options for your craft.

When you can dance around the pole with either side of your body, you’ll be able to perform more movements, become more flexible, and even perform more advanced positions.

  1. Discover, enjoy, and rejoice in how far you’ve come.
    Investigate the various styles and motions available. Don’t confine yourself to the classroom. You are open to learning new methods to pole dance, and with proper instruction, you can even create your own style.

Remember, you’re pole dancing because you enjoy it! Don’t allow anything stand in the way of your passion and your work. You will continue to improve as long as you are satisfied. Simply enjoy what you’re doing, and don’t forget to appreciate each small accomplishment on your pole dancing adventure.

Improve Your Pole Dancing Skills
Pole dancing is an adventure. You will not reach the pinnacle of your sport immediately. However, you may improve your pole dancing skills by following the advice of specialists. These are some of the techniques that expert pole dancers have honed over the years to become the greatest in their craft.

These pointers will help you become a better pole dancer, but remember that the most important thing is to have fun! Enjoy!

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