Secrets to the perfect cup of tea!

1.Use Loose Leaf Tea

While our hectic lifestyles have seen an increase in the use of tea bags in recent years, utilizing loose leaf tea rather than store-bought tea bags is the key to a superior tasting brew. Spruce Eats explains why here:

“Loose-leaf tea is tea that is prepared without the use of a teabag.” When steeping loose-leaf tea, there should be enough space for the tea leaves to absorb water and expand as they infuse. This lets water to pass through the leaves and extract a variety of vitamins, minerals, tastes, and smells. When you steep tea in a teabag, the size of the teabag limits the infusion.”

Don’t want to deal with the mess that comes with loose leaf tea? By bagging your own, you can have the best of both worlds. Empty tea bags can be purchased separately, and loose leaf tea can be added to ensure consistent convenience, infusion, and flavor.

As a general rule, add two teaspoons of loose leaf tea to the bag, making sure to use a larger tea bag size to allow for plenty of movement. Loose leaf tea need more space to move about.

loose leaf tea secrets

2. Always use filtered water.

When it comes to making the perfect brew, any old water will not enough. Use filtered water in your kettle to ensure a consistently delicious cup of tea.

Filtered water is the most pure and tasty alternative. Even better, you can make it at home with our water filter systems.

Filtered water is devoid of the pollutants and odors that make tap water unpleasant for certain people. It’s also less expensive, more convenient, and better for the environment than bottled water.

Furthermore, cleaning your kettle will be a joy if you use filtered water instead of tap water, as limescale buildup will be less likely. Change your water filter on a regular basis to ensure fantastic tasting water and even better tasting cups of tea.

3. Set the temperature correctly
Don’t commit the cardinal sin of making your cup of tea with hot water from the tap. Great tea is made with boiling hot water. The great majority of black teas require water temperatures of around 96°C. Those who are serious about making the ideal cup of tea can check the temperature with a thermometer.

Alternatively, you may invest in the latest tea accessory, a kettle that allows you to control the boiling temperature.

4. Refill the kettle as needed.
Using already boiled kettle water will result in a bad-tasting brew. Water loses oxygen when it is cooked, and the more times it is boiled, the more oxygen is lost. Tea requires oxygen to enhance its flavor, therefore always replenish the kettle after brewing tea. Re-boiled water imparts a harsh, metallic flavor to your cup of tea.

5. Make a note of the brewing time.
By becoming serious about your brewing times, you can strike the proper balance between a bland, lightly brewed tea and a bitter, cooked cup of tea. Brewing times vary depending on the type of tea and product. Brewing times, on the other hand, will be specified on the back of your tea box.

Allow your tea to brew for the appropriate amount of time, and avoid stirring or squeezing it to avoid releasing bitter tannins.

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