Secret moves in Fifa you need to know

  1. First time watching FIFA
    The first time flip is incredibly important, particularly when a defender is closing in. Any player can perform it, but the higher rated and skilled the player, the better. As the ball approaches, hold the left trigger (L1 or LT) and press the right bumper (R1 or RB) immediately before the ball arrives. Any player attempting to win the ball will be unable to do so unless they attempt to intercept. You can see if a defender is about to intercept, so if they are, don’t try this and go collect the ball ahead of them.

  2. Super fake shot cancellation in FIFA 22

It is quite valuable, as few people are aware of it or use it. Most people believe this to be a pass, and doing it on the wing or before shooting will greatly confuse your opponent. Hold the left trigger while running, then press shoot and pass so your thumb slides over them. The same as when you fake a shot. This maneuver is only available to 5 star players.

  1. Heel chop with a fake shot or lob pass

One of the most useful hidden abilities in FIFA. Yes, you can accomplish this by holding the left trigger (LT/L2) and flicking the right stick diagonally backwards twice, but it takes longer, and a heel chop can be lethal in a pinch. Hold the left trigger again and hit shoot and pass as before, or lob pass and standard pass. But this time, flip the left stick diagonally ahead to do the heel chop.

  1. Increased speed

A prominent streamer @Bateson87 suggested one to us as we were tweeting some of the ideas from this page and others around the web. He uses it frequently in game to sneak past defenders, and we love how efficient it is. To do so, press the L2+R2 or LT+RT triggers, depending on your controller. Then, drag the left stick diagonally forward little or slightly left or right, let off of the triggers, and just flick the right trigger (R2 or RT) in the direction you’re running. Your player will appear to be going to turn left or right before bursting ahead with speed. It works extremely well to defeat opponents.

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  1. Ballless double trigger

This leads us to the extremely effective double trigger without ball. Holding both triggers without the ball allows you to move your player wherever you like. So, if you suspect a defender is attempting an interception, hold double trigger and move your receiver towards the ball. Otherwise, they will have to wait. Even if you’re moving towards the ball, you can quickly turn around and run in the opposite direction. This is effective in a variety of offensive and defensive situations.

Take control of the receiving player and move him with double trigger when a cross or pass into the box comes in. By abruptly pulling deeper for a volley or closer for an early header or strike, you may truly fool defenses. Similarly, when defending a corner or long throw in, you might position your player early to intercept the ball.

To prepare for a shot or pass, you can bend your run or have your striker approach the ball from a different angle when racing onto a through ball. The defenders will be perplexed. The most famous example is when Pele went through for Brazil on a through ball before abruptly bending away from the ball and around the keeper. Everyone chases him, but the ball continues straight ahead. He could have scored if he had been a better striker! See the video on the right. Play FIFA and see how many amazing goals you can score.

When defending and wishing to allow the ball to roll out of play. Use double trigger to shift your defender in front of the attacker. Otherwise, EA prefers that your defenders follow the ball and touch it, giving the opposing team corners and throw ins.

You can reposition your man from goal kicks to gain the ideal position in front of the defense or striker.

  1. Elegant conclusion

This is for truly aggravating your opponent while also having fun. You may have employed fancy passing in games to impress or annoy the opposing player. So, attempt the same combination to shoot. This works best if your player is already around the keeper with an empty goal or is about to receive a cross. Can also be used for a 1v1 shot, however scoring is difficult. The control is achieved by pressing R1 or RB and then passing. It’s as simple as that. Fancy finishing will provide some levity, as players may sometimes try diving headers when the ball is almost on the floor in front of them. If there are other team members nearby, they may try to fancy pass it to them instead of shooting.

  1. The Rabona fired

The false rabona is a popular maneuver among FIFA skill players. Players racing down the wing are the most likely to employ it. While the ball is ahead of the player, release sprint (right trigger) and then hold the left trigger before hitting shot, pass (as described above), and holding the left stick in the opposite direction. Practice in the arena by following the video on the right. Once perfected, you can utilize it in smaller spaces and easily trick your opponents. It also appears to drive the dogs insane and can be transformed into the Rabona Shot, which is much better! ….

You must complete this as soon as the standard fake rabona is finished. Hold the left trigger and the left bumper while pushing the ball button and aiming the left stick at the goal. The player must have a five-star skill level. Get it down pat and score some spectacular goals.

  1. 360-degree turn and escape (Waka waka)

This move may be a combination of others, and I’m sure there are many combos, but it looks really slick and will make your opponent raise an eyebrow. We do that on kickoff every now and then just to scare our opponents. You have to be careful because a few people wee their pants and stop. The video to the right shows how good it looks. Essentially, your character will spin around 360 degrees swiftly before smoothly dragging the ball to the side. I doubt anyone in the world could do it, but who cares?

To achieve it, you must first stand motionless, then press the left trigger, swiftly rotate the right stick, and then flick the left stick diagonally to the bottom right or left of the direction you are facing. You must do the flick right as the 360 spin comes to a close. Your player will spin swiftly and drag the ball to the right or left. If you do it wrong, you’ll likely do one of three other talents that don’t look too horrible, but you’ll have no idea where the ball will finish up. Fortunately, neither will your opponent, so it’s worth a shot. Enjoy, and if we find any or you know of any, please let us know.

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